Super Coach Challenge Update – Back on Track

As it turns out, increasing one’s volume of Push Ups from about 50/week to 1400/wk may also increase the risk for injury.  Shocking.

Not too long after my last video update, I started experiencing some pain on the left side of my upper back/scapula area.  It seemed to be most painful at full extension of each Push Up and/or scapular abduction.  I actually had the same pain on the right side when I first began this Get Fit, Get Good Challenge, and it eventually went away, so I basically ignored the annoyance and kept knocking out the push-ups.  I know, not very Super Coach-ish of me.  Eventually, the pain got so bad that I had to completely stop doing Push Ups.  In fact, I couldn’t do much of anything.  It was even painful to sneeze at the worst of it.  So, after a trip to a local sports med Doc, the diagnosis was a Rhomboid Strain.  I was actually happy to hear that, since I thought there was a small chance of a dislocated rib at the vertebral joint (the pain with deep breaths and sneezing had me worried).

That was about 3 weeks ago, and though I was temporarily derailed, I’m now back on track.  This time around, I’ll be smarter about the accumulation of volume and amount of speed/momentum used for high rep sets.  My initial plan is to begin at about 50 Push Ups/day while also implementing more scap stability/posture work (Handwalk, YTW, backward jump rope, etc.).  Ice therapy has also been helpful in speeding recovery and minimizing post-workout inflammation/pain.

This 3 week hiatus shouldn’t disrupt my 50k /year goal too badly, since I had initially built a pretty good cushion and was on track to finish in 9 months.  Onward and upward.

– Coach Hall


  1. Hey, that’s what happened to me! Well I got diagnosed with Posterior Capsule Impingement/Rhomboid Strain due to lack of flexibility during internal rotation. I was doing lots of push ups as well and now I cant even pick up my arms. ATC’s said 3 weeks off and lots of pain meds. Plus lots of scap stabilization exercises and ROM stretching, which are the worst!!!!!

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