Purpose and Beliefs

The manner in which each of us travel through our lives is in large part a reflection of our beliefs.  And in the end, our lives will have been defined by those beliefs.  Most of which are the beliefs about yourself.  Sadly, few of us can succinctly and confidently state who they are and what their purpose is.  Try it.  Who are you in all situations?  What is your purpose, why do you exist?

Easy questions.  Difficult answers.

One of my beliefs about leadership is that in order to lead many and earn followership, you must first lead yourself.  And if you intend to lead your own life, you had better know yourself.  I spent the better part of a year asking myself these questions and contemplating the answers.  So for you to know my purpose, strengths, and core values, is to truly know me.  Additionally, I believe that when I am my most true self and living my purpose while leveraging my strengths, I will accomplish the most with the least amount of effort.

Who am I in all situations? I am a Coach.

What is my Purpose? To empower and inspire others to reach their full potential.

What are my Strengths? Analysis, Learning, Relating, Intellection (yes, it’s a word), and Collecting Info.

What are my Core Values? The attitudes and ideals that shape my life are my “Core Four”;

  1. Family First
  2. It’s All About Relationships
  3. Discipline Creates Freedom
  4. Learn Something New Everyday

Why Do I Coach? I coach because I believe…

…that a coach can make a positive and life-changing impact in a single moment.

…a personal relationship is more valuable than a physical adaptation.

…that competence precedes confidence.

…young athletes need mentors.

Coach Hall


  1. Vic,
    You continue to be an inspiration to me both personally and professionally. I was very blessed to begin my strength coaching career learning and working with you on a daily basis. Thank you for setting an example for quality leadership and for the relentless pursuit of knowledge. You are a man of integrity and I am blessed to have you as a friend and a fellow comrade in the s&c field.

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